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This price changes with the agreement with AgencyMW and if you do not make any agreement, you will earn a 5% commission. payment period is from 14 to 21 days (due to the return period)

The link you shared is a special sales link for you. By following this link , it is confirmed from 3 places , both we mt , Agency MW and Professional program for affiliate Links . You will receive e-mails over mt from sales, and you can also log in to the system and track your level. As a report, AjansMW will send payment mail every Monday

Yes, you can, and you can also enjoy discounts.

The link looks like this:

Yes , General Affiliate Links (GAL) works like that.

AjansMW ye bu konuda bir teklif verin ve çalışma için tedarikçiyle ilgili özel kampanya planına katılın .

Evet tabikide bizimde isteğimiz bu . Farklı ve size özel bir yönlendirme çok daha başarılı ve anlamlı olur . Diğerlerinden farklı bir şey yapmalısınız ki sıkıcı bir paylaşım olmasın

When you sign up for the program, the agency will give you all kinds of referrals, maybe you will become a strong influencer, but there is still time. There is definitely a platform or topic that suits you. Right time and right move. You will get Email about this evey tuesdays . Welcome to the team!

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